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    Goode Pest Control keeps giving excellent and high-quality services when it comes to offering pest control solutions. We are a company that has noticed a rapid growth in the residential pest control industry. Hence, we strived hard in order to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry and eventually gained tremendous growth in the process. As we focus on pest control services as a whole, we offer bees, moths, possums, silverfishes, termite control, etc.

    Also, our local pest control experts are committed to focusing on not affecting the health of our clients during pest treatment. As a result, we make sure to use only eco-friendly pest control solutions that won’t disturb your health in any way. As one of the excellent companies for affordable pest control services, we maintain complete transparency. Moreover, we also give you an assurance that you will be satisfied with our service results. So, call 0488 851 508 today!

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    Visit The Site Of Infestation
    To Get Back To A Pest-Free Area

    Once you book us for on-site Goode Pest Control services, you are bound to get a pest-free area in return. How do we this possible? By following the below:

    Inspection Of The Area

    Based on the key facts, signs and infestations of pests, we inspect and determine the pest type. During the inspection, we also do comparisons between pests and to what extent they infested your property.

    Fumigation Or Fogging

    Our experts also have certifications in executing fumigation or fogging. We fumigate an infested area in such a way that we make it possible to avoid the risk of infestation.

    Pesticides Spray

    For a successful pest-free area, we also use pesticide sprays for respective pests that are eco-friendly. Moreover, the sprays we use are mixed in different volumes.

    Heat Treatment

    Another eco-friendly pest control treatment we adopt is heat treatment. This heat treatment makes you stress-free from pests such as cockroaches and bed bugs.

    Use Of Baits And Repellents

    To control or remove the cannibalistic nature of certain pests, we use baits and repellents. Once pests consume baits or come in contact with repellents, they go back to their respective colonies. This chain reaction kills pests on a large scale.

    Dead Pest Removal

    Be it flies, bees or possums, or rats, we are quick at doing dead pest removal in the shortest span of time. However, we wear protective gear prior to starting the dead pest removal.

    Possum Box Installation

    To prevent possums from entering your home, we attract them to a particular spot by installing a possum box. We install this possum box on a tree at an ideal height of 3.6m.

    Pest Prevention Tips
    • Remove food, water and shelter sources
    • Store food items in enclosed containers
    • Dispose of the garbage regularly
    • Minimise mulch and plants
    • Use natural repellents like peppermint oil, cloves, etc

    Exclusive Services From Goode Pest Control Company

    We are a site that beholds all residential pest control services at one point and provides the same in any situation. Our professional pest control services are not just one or two but more than that and satisfy all your needs for pests and possum control.

    • Emergency and same-day pest control : Even when you call us in emergencies, we instantly respond to your queries and are also available to take any hour appointments despite the day. Our emergency pest control and same-day services resolve all your pest issues with rapid pest treatment. Hire our Goode Pest Control team this instant!
    • End of lease pest control: We have the best ideas on how to get back your agreement amount from the owner and that is to provide end-of-lease pest control services. In order to do everything correctly and satisfy you with the best results, we adopt the latest technology and pest control treatment.
    • Large area pest infestation treatment : For large areas like gardens and backyards, following prevention tips wouldn’t be of much help to you. As a result, book our large area pest infestation treatment for any kind of pests that invade your privacy. We help you tackle those pests and save your property from structural damage.
    • Eco-friendly pest treatment : One of our Do’s is to only utilise eco-friendly pest control agents when we control and remove any kind of pests in residential properties. As we mostly take bookings for residential pest control services, we keep our clients’ kids and pets in mind as well. So, hesitate not to book us!

    Why Opt For
    Goode Pest Control Services?

    Goode Pest Control uses approve and appropriate methods when you get in touch with us to avail yourself pest treatment from our controllers. Moreover, we do not kill possums as it’s illegal. There are also other reasons on why to choose us like the following:

    Best Team

    In addition to being local pest controllers, we are a well-off team that is extremely goode at almost everything. From training to talent and aspirations to affordability, we are the best team.

    Minimal Service Cost

    You can count on all of our resources when it comes to pest control services despite the minimal cost. Besides this, we take payment in two modes they are Cash & Online.

    Round The Clock Bookings

    Preventing pests from entering your home is easy but not sending them away and hence we offer round-the-clock bookings. We are front liners of Goode Pest Control that first come in contact with you before booking our services.

    Environmentally Friendly Products

    Defending pests with environmentally friendly products is what we do to eradicate them completely. In fact, we strictly explain to our pest controllers the importance of environmentally friendly product usage.

    Advanced Methodology

    Our team offers powered tools, high-quality hands and advanced methodology to control pests. The end of our advanced methodology will amaze you for sure.

    Free Quote

    We have a pest management team that is goode at offering free quotes in addition to minimal-cost pest control treatment. The free quotes are provided despite the pest control method we implement.

    We Make It A Point Not To Fail Meeting Clients “Good Health” Motive

    Goode Pest Control is a company that provides the “In it to win it” kind of services in and around Australia. We are an industry leader that has years of in-field experience and knows what people expect from pest control services. The foremost thing any person can ask for is goode health and this is obtained from avoiding pest threats and attacks. Therefore, we keep in our mind to provide amazing residential pest control services and not fail your standards in maintaining goode health. An additional thing we do to not fail your health in any possible way is to use non-toxic pest control solutions.


    On-Site Pest Control
    And Removal Services By Our Exterminators

    Our pest controllers offer a wide range of affordable pest control services that include different kinds of pest control. services that are not just to control one pest type but all pests that we find in your home. Take a look at what are those pest control services that come in handy when you need help.

    Cockroach Control

    When you are battling cockroaches in the kitchen, we can give you a helping hand by offering professional pest control services. You will be amazed to know that based on the infested area inspection, we customise cockroach control methods and procedures to implement the process.

    Possum Removal

    To do possum removal, we charge comprehensive pest control prices despite the type of possum that entered your home. In addition to this, we are an ideal team that frees all the possums we caught 50m away from your location humanely.

    Moth Control

    Although there are many remedies on how to control moths with useful DIYs, moths are still capable of entering your place if not for our professional aid. Because our pest control treatment for moths is planned under specific instructions. Ping us today!

    Flea Control

    For pests like fleas, we adopt to use of fumigation or fogging methods as those methods get rid of fleas on a large scale. However, you need to know that the pest control solutions we use are both kid and pet-friendly pest control products.

    Bed Bug Control

    To do a safe bed bug pest control treatment, we specially carry along state-of-the-art equipment to do complete pest extermination. In fact, we don’t charge separate pest inspection cost if you avail our bed control service as a whole.

    Ant Control

    Our best ways of controlling ants are to modify their habitats and bait them with ant-attracting items by adding poison to them. So, depending on our local pest control team to get fruitful results in return for investing in our services. Wait no more, hire us!

    Spider Control

    We do a thorough inspection when you call us for spider control service in your home and find spider movements, eggs and webs. After that, our Goode Pest Control exterminators remove all those with ease and show you wonderful results.

    Rodent Control

    Book our rodent pest control services once you find signs like rodent droppings, rub marks, urine trails, speaking noises, rodent nests, etc. We reach your place at the scheduled time, provide rodent control service, and make your home smell pleasant.

    Flies Control

    We not just control house flies but also help you in controlling horse flies, cluster flies, sand flies, fruit flies, bush flies, drain flies and more. But despite the fly type control you avail from us, our pest control cost depends on infestation and not on the fly type.

    Bee And Wasp Removal

    Identifying and distinguishing beehives from wasp nests is easy but their removal is not easy as they attack as soon as you near their nest. Fortunately, you can count on our bee and wasp removal professionals that have handy tools and smoke bombs to use.

    A Local Team Specially
    Trained To Do Possum Inspection, Catching & Relocation

    In fact, although we do and offer all pest control services at budget-friendly prices, we are a local team specialising in possum removal. To do possum removal perfectly and charge you fair pest control costs, we particularly undergo training. Our possum removal procedure is:

    Inspection For Possums

    Once you contact us for possum removal, we dispatch a certified and trained possum catching team for inspection. When the inspection is going on, we analyse the habitats of possums to identify a pest-level infestation. Also, we check damages possums caused and possible threats you are under.

    Possum Removal Plan

    We tailor a plan by taking inspection findings as foundations. This removal plan includes the possum removal procedure, the time the procedure takes to complete, approvals from the government, etc. During the possum removal plan assessment, we also take possum behaviours into consideration.

    Ongoing Prevention For Possums

    To prevent possums from entering your place, we suggest a few tips on how to deter possums as well as install possum boxes. Once we install possum boxes, possums easily get attracted to them and choose boxes instead of invading your privacy. Steps to follow so as to deter possums are as follows:

    • Around trees in your garden, install plastic barriers
    • Seal off all the possum access points
    • To control possum movements on fences, install spikes
    • If you have fruits or edible plants on your lawn, net them immediately and
    • Keep an eye on pet food.

    Process Of Possum Removal

    Once we outline a possum removal plan and confirm to execute the same, we catch them from whichever location we find them. To catch possums, we use cage traps that are made of pest-safe wire mesh. After that, as per guidelines, we leave the possums that are caught in a nearby terrestrial place (about 50m away).

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    Health-wise damages pests cause you are:

    • Asthma attack from cockroach debris
    • Rodents alone spread more than 35 diseases
    • Dead possums spread bacterial diseases that further lead to diarrhoea
    • Mosquitoes transmit West Nile and Malaria, etc.

    Damages to your properties are:

    • Rodents chew on cable wires leading to power outages
    • Termites cause structural damage to a property and more.

    For pest control services like same-day, we schedule to reach your location any hour within the same day of the appointment. So, hesitate not to book Goode Pest Control services.

    Our local pest control experts have undergone all kinds of training sessions from easy to extremely hard levels and passed the same. Moreover, we also do stringent background while recruiting new pest controllers. Therefore, we are skilled and trustworthy!

    The option of being on the site or leaving before pest control treatment is completely left for you to choose. In addition to this, it is better to keep your kids and pets far away from the site of pest control services. This is to prevent them from having any kind of breathing issues.

    The most common pests that invade Australian homes are as follows:

    • Ants
    • Termites
    • Spiders
    • Cockroaches
    • Possums
    • Fleas
    • Silverfishes, and so on and so forth.


    “I am Vassell. I’m more than satisfied and even told my neighbour about you. I can honestly say it was one of the best pest control service experiences of my life. I know our connection has been for more than 6 years and it is your good service that has made me your permanent customer.


    “I am Bolton. I have great experience working with Goode Pest Control. I have a home where several rats infest sometimes. Trustable, I call this company every time to solve my problems. I find them good because they prefer to use eco-friendly and pet-friendly methods.


    “Hi, I am Watson. I hired Goode Pest Control to completely make my home free of rodents and possums. They were excellent to work with, arrived on time, and were knowledgeable and professional. They are undoubtedly the best pest control business I’ve ever dealt with, and I have called them many times. I would love to recommend them to anyone in need of a professional pest control service.



    Best Service Provider

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    These professionals’ assistance for pest control, and thanks to these experts, they give remarkable services. You do not need to go anywhere else, this is the best service provider you will get in town.


    You Can Call 24 Hours

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    The best part about these professional pest controllers is that they are available 24*7 hours. There is no fixed time, as the customers can call 24 hours to the company for assurance about the appointment and take advice for pest removal.


    Outstanding Results

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    Got outstanding results from professional pest control services. I think none is better than these professionals. I have taken service from them, and trust me the best pest control service I have ever gotten done on my property.


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